Our Contributors

We would like to thank our contributors, whose efforts make this software what it is.

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Francesco Zoccheddu JB
Jined Classic, Unlocker

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Francesco Zoccheddu


dashpot Korean
Janko Czech
Thomas Kalka German
ktollinger Czech
Banderstadt Russian, Ukrainian
Francesco Zoccheddu Italian
Mahmut Yalçın Turkish
Asterios Komertzoglou Greek
Viictorr Ukrainian
kohana Korean
isaacp Hebrew
FiYolka Polish
TomoS Polish
Koroman Koro Arabic
Omid Sani Farsi
Ardjuna Indonesian
tiithon Chinese (China)
Yome3k French
伯愷 徐 Chinese (Taiwan)
Guillermo Eduardo Charcahuana López Spanish (Latin America)
Ivica Jeđud Croatian
Sumorock Yeah Thai
Juan Antonio Fuentes Bermúdez Spanish
Wendrill Aksenow Brandão Portuguese (Portugal)
Michel Henrique Portuguese (Brazil)
TorresForte Portuguese (Brazil)
Paulina Vacas Spanish (Latin America)
apanda Chumworachat Thai
Doris Liang Chinese (Taiwan)

This list only includes the translators of the languages whose translations have once been finished. Many other people have been helping translate into their languages as well.

We appreciate all of them.

Want to help translate to your language? http://www.getlocalization.com/maple/

Bug reports and suggestions

We’re grateful to all the users who gave us bug reports and suggestions.